Earth Element

Earth Element

Welcome to the wonderful world to the energy element of Earth. This is where we are supported through life here within our physical body. Earth are receptive energy and live in trust of the universe when aligned with all that is.

Without Earth we have nothing to hold us up. No foundation. No support, Earth is attuned to the form of matter, the most durable of signs within our zodiac.

An earth sign can be stubborn, and it may be that bit harder to understand why things happen, questioning things too much to their determent, finding it that bit harder to let go of the situation in hand than any of the other signs because of their attachment to it, however, they will ride out any storm in relationships, due to their commitment to them. It takes a lot for for an earth sign to up root and welcome change and in shifting their mind-set, once they decide to put energy into something they will be true to their conviction and be the most dedicated. They are nurturing souls and they are here to teach us about commitment, standing our ground, stability. Being an earth sign would make it easier for people to walk all over you, so be mindful of who you hold close to you.

Ann Traynor Author

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