Fire Element

Fire Element

This element is connected to our Solar Plexus Chakra. Our inner flame/ light is literally the fire in your belly that can burn up any doubts and fears that we may face along the way. Our gut instinct. Its our radiant power that bring us warmth and comfort in times of need. Allowing us to feel when things go right or when things go wrong.

Fire is your spiritual essence that embodies your whole being within each and everyone of us. However, through movement and our thought process we are all all fires in motion here on this Earth plane.

Harnessing and connecting your internal flame to outer forces can prove difficult at first, if you dedicate yourself, spend time and be consistent with it, there will be no stopping you.

Our solar plexus is our sense of individuality giving us the courage to stand up for what we believe in, navigating us throughout our own chakra system and other elements we meet along the way helping us to express ourselves as it rises up throughout our heart chakra through love and compassion and thinking of others as we travel through time.

Ann Traynor Author

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