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About Me: Ann Traynor

My story was of course eventful to say the least, but not very interesting, yes life came with its up and downs, I had my fair share of lessons and blessings along the way, I contributed to others life paths some I would be proud of and some not. However, I learned greatly along the way. Knowing now the experiences was to remind me of who I was. Yes, tough lessons to say the least, I found love, I lost love. I got hurt, I hurt others, real life tit for tat experiences that continued to plague me from childhood all the way through to adult hood.

I was introduced to the wonderful world of energy healing in 2017 under the umbrella of Reiki. It was a game changer for me and it became a tool for me to work through any challenges that I was facing. I reclaimed my life back through the understanding of my chakra system and my life started to flow. I started to understand myself and more importantly others too. Realising that there was something much greater than me working with me.

I suddenly became my own observer and my life changed forever.

My investigated mind brought me into an understanding of my life, through my understanding of my chakras giving me hope and purpose, the space above and all around me became of great interest to me.

It has help me greatly accumulating this information to what’s going on internally through my own chakra system, understanding my strengths and weaknesses and connecting them with the external higher sources that is there to guide and support me throughout my lifetime here. I have learned to harness the energy within me for my greatest good, dancing in tandem with the external energies and teaching myself how to use what I like to call magic that’s right at my fingertips!

You have come across my work for a reason, I really hope that it inspires you to make you think twice about any choices as whatever decision will determine the path your life takes. That you find out who you really are, what lights you up. How easy it can be to just ‘live’ and ‘Be’. Everything you say and do has purpose, you bring in what you put out there. It’s all about finding our balance, understanding your self and standing fully present with who you are. When one door closes, a new door opens.

It’s all about energy..

Ann Traynor Author

Hidden Forces

It’s all about connections. If you’re looking for a sign, this is it…Hidden Forces is an accessible book that answers the questions we all have about the forces around us that affect us every day of our lives.If you want to learn about the universal forces that connect us all, this book is for you. If you’re interested in chakras and how to work with them to heal yourself, this book is for you. If you want to know how astrology and tarot can help you understand your ‘self’ and your life, this book is for you.Hidden Forces will take you out of dark places into the light of understanding.Join Ann on her journey of enlightenment.